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About Me

I love to laugh and love the feelings that are created when we share a good laugh. I love great food and relish the evenings I spend with friends over a great meal and a good bottle of wine. I love going to the movies, eating popcorn and being swept away for 2 hours in the dark. I love a beautiful sunset in a faraway place. I love a great book that has me not wanting to turn to the last page. Or has me reading the last page first.

I was born and raised on the upper Westside of Manhattan in New York City. I am one of those creative types who love to make films, take pictures and work with my hands. I moved to California in the late 80ís and have spent most of that time in LA. I came up to the bay area around the turn of the century (doesnít that sound weird). I live in beautiful Marin County and have wonderful friends I consider family.

I love to travel so foreign you canít read the signs. I've seen India, Israel, Egypt, Bali, Europe, Greece, Mexico & more.

I love romance, American Idol & most of all Oscar